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What is TaSTeBook ? Minimize

is an exciting NEW service that places you at the center of  the entire lifecycle of beer and wine !    Evaluate your favorites ! 

If you are a wine / beer lover - the TasteBook mobile app will help you grade and record your favorite beverages.

TaSTeBook isn't just for the 'closet aficionado' - it makes it easy to score your favorites;     organize Tasting Events,   festivals,  tasting rooms, or a visit to your favorite 'brew pub'.

Are you the 'Social' type ?

  • organize your  Own Tasting Event
  • manage festivals
  • organize a 'Scavenger Hunt'  or 'Beer Crawl'

 is completely mobile - easy to use, perfectly sharable - and  ALWAYS  Free !

A weekend in wine country isn't complete if you return without at least a recollection of which wines you really enjoyed.  Those little notes pages are good for a scrapbook... but will you remember your favorites when you visit the store?

Wine tasting is best enjoyed with friends.

  This site will help you set up your own tasting party...   but you buy the beverages!   It will help you organize the flights, set up several tables, and compare notes with each other.    You don't have to be a 'wine snob' to know what you like.  Now,  you don't have to have a 'snooty vocabulary' to share your opinion either!

TaSTeBook is the only system that can track a wine from the day the vine was planted, through the crafty years of winemaking, until TaSTeBook users provide quantitative feedback.
  • enhance your beverage enjoyment by allowing you to 'score'  wines or craft beers.
  • keep your 'Evaluations' on file ... so you can track which beverages your really enjoyed!
  • Make a weekend in 'Wine Country' - or the Wine Festival more enjoyable
  • Find other beverages that you may also enjoy.
  If you are a wine or beer maker, you'll love the honest, qualitative feedback!    Learn more!


How do I get Started ?

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